2018 Tournament Information

 2018 Lopez Open

Welcome to the 2018 Lopez Open!

Tournament Entry Form 2018

In order provide a fun yet competitive tournament, and to accommodate a wide range of playing abilities, we will be using a modified Double Elimination format.  Players/teams will have 2 chances to reach the finals.  The rounds prior to the final match will be FAST4 format.  Finals will be best of 3 regular sets.

Please review the rules and format prior to match play.  Rules will be posted at the tennis courts and on this website.  Please check here and/or at the courts daily for updates. (See rules below)

Tournament Results

Luna Wang and Soibi Andrew-Jaja def Audrey Wakefield and Lynn Slaughter 6-3, 4-6, 6-3
Tom McDaniel and Mark Pierson def Jason Hiller and Han Hiller 6-4, 6-2
Han Hiller def Sami Siegelbaum 6-4, 6-1
Lynn Slaughter and Mark Pierson def Luna Wang  and Aaron Miller   6-4,6-4

Follow this link to see all tournament results.  2018 Lopez Open Tournament Results

Tournament Reception

Thursday, Aug 9, 5:30 p.m

Timothy Maxson will host an informal pot luck reception for players, tournament volunteers and friends of the Lopez Island Tennis Open.

31 Overlook Lane, Lopez Island.  468-2498

Tournament Schedule

Friday, August 10:
Mixed doubles – 9:30AM
Singles – 10:30AM
Saturday, August 11:
Men’s Doubles – 10:30AM
Women’s Doubles – 11:30 AM
Sunday August 12:
Finals – TBD

Draw details will be posted at the tennis courts.
Please check for changes to start times daily.

Arrive at least 1/2 hour prior to scheduled match.
Players are expected to warm up before the rounds begin. Each round must start promptly on time with a brief (2-5min) warmup before play begins. NO extended warmups once the rounds have started. Late teams will be defaulted unless approved by tournament director.


Tournament Rules

The tournament is a modified Double Elimination format.  Specific match schedule will be posted at the draw party and tennis courts.  Please check daily for updates.

Preliminary rounds are FAST4 format.
– Winner’s Bracket matches are best of 3 FAST4 sets.
– Loser’s Bracket matches are best of two FAST4 sets. If sets are split, a FAST4 tiebreaker is played to determine the outcome of the match.
– Final round matches are best of 3 full sets.
Upon completion of the match:
– Return the balls to the can.
– Report scores and return balls to tournament official.


FAST4 Tennis is a shortened format of tennis. FAST4 Tennis was globally launched in Sydney with Roger Federer and Lleyton Hewitt. It has since been be showcased by a host of other champions including Rafael Nadal, Fernando Verdasco, Gael Mon ls, Nick Kyrgios and many more!

If the ball hits the net cord on a serve and bounces in the correct service box, play will continue. In doubles, either of the receiving pair can play the let (eg. the receiver’s partner can move across and return the serve).

At 3 points all (40-40), it’s “next point wins” the game. The receiver chooses which side the point is played (including mixed doubles).

First to 4 games wins the set.
Tiebreak at 3 all.

FAST4 Tiebreaker:

  • First to 5 points, sudden death at 4 all.
  • Each person serves 2 points, starting from the deuce side and starting with the next person in the service order.
  • Change ends after the first 2 points, then every 4 points. (In doubles, everyone should be serving on the end that they had been serving during the set)
  • If Tiebreaker reaches 4-4 it’s “next point wins” the set.
    • Players come to the net and spin a racquet with winner(s) of the spin deciding which team serves.
    • Receiver chooses which side (deuce or ad) the point is played (yes, even in mixed)
    • Do not change ends.

  One of the following FAST4 match formats may be used, as determined by the tournament director:

  • One FAST4 set.
  • Best of two FAST4 sets. If sets are split, a FAST4 tiebreaker is played to determine the outcome of the match.
  • Best of three FAST4 sets.

No sitting during the change of ends between games.
Set break, players are permitted to sit down at the end of a set for a maximum of ninety (90) seconds.